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Our company's personal driver service provides our customers with a chauffeur experience while in the comfort of their own car. The service is appropriate for all sorts of occasions - medical appointments, the grocery store, meetings, sporting events, the airport, etc.

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BeMyDD offers three ways to reserve a designated driver. Click here to make a reservation now, call 1-877-U-BEMYDD to reserve a driver by phone, or use the official BeMyDD mobile app.

Submit a Reservation

Submit your reservation and select a driver via: 1-877-U-BEMYDD
Smartphone App on All Platforms

Driver Confirmation

You driver will call to introduce themselves and confirm the time and location

Go Anywhere with Unlimited Stops

The driver will come and operate your vehicle anywhere you would like to go - wait in the car - and take you home when ready

Arrive Safely Home with Your Car

You will be dropped off with your car safely back home and handed back the keys

At a fraction of the cost of similar services, BeMyDD offers unmatched affordability without sacrificing quality. By utilizing the customer's car, we can reasonably price our service while still fulfilling expectations.
Our business starts with our drivers. By hand selecting our candidates, we can ensure our drivers will exemplify the utmost standards of safety and experience. Read more about our drivers and the rigorous screening process we require before we recommend putting them behind your wheel.

Discover for yourself what we mean as we stand by the claim that BeMyDD offers chauffeur services at a discounted rate all while utilizing the customers' cars. Our professional drivers are ready to provide you with the safety and trustworthiness you’d expect so you can enjoy using our service time and time again.
Allow our personal driver service's three step process simplify how you meet your transportation needs.