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Become a Driver

Provide a valuable service to your community while earning supplemental income. All our drivers are independent contractors who enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. When it comes to picking your schedule and locations you're willing to service, the choice is yours. BeMyDD acts as a mediator between our drivers and customers. Don't worry about having to build your own clientele, we'll do it for you.  We do the marketing, you do the driving.

Designated/Personal Driver Service

A BeMyDD driver participating in either of these two services will drive a customer’s car for a predetermined time (3-hour minimum per reservation). The driver will drive to the customer’s pickup location, leave his/her car at the pickup location, and drive the customer's car for the duration of the reservation. While the customer is out doing whatever they wish, the driver will remain in the car and wait until the customer is ready to leave.  When the customer is ready to move on, the driver will take them to the next destination or return the customer to the initial pickup location where the driver's car is located. This service is a customer favorite that allows drivers to establish lasting relationships with customers based on trust and quality of service. Once you give a customer a positive driver experience, they are likely to select you again in the future and encourage their friends to do the same.

Pick Up You AND Your Car Service

This service involves a team consisting of a BeMyDD Driver and a partner picking up customers that have already driven their car somewhere. The driver's partner can be a family member, friend, roommate, or we can pair you up with another BeMyDD driver in your area. The registered BeMyDD driver will drive the customer and their guests to a destination of choice as the partner follows in a chase car.

Our drivers will:

  • Set their own schedule.
  • Select the zip codes they're willing to service.
  • Be paid via direct deposit into a bank account every other Friday.
Our customer base is growing rapidly and we are constantly looking for new drivers who meet our criteria surrounding experience, professionalism, integrity, and personable nature. If you feel like you meet these standards, we welcome you to join our network of drivers who are providing our valuable service to customers across the country.