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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Review frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the BeMyDD designated drivers, our company, and our designated driving services. Learn how to reserve a designated driver in advance. Learn about our "Pick Up You AND Your Car Service" and how our designated drivers transport you. Find out about our personal driver service and rates. Get information on the costs of our designated driver services, memberships, cities we serve, and more.

FAQs About Our Designated Drivers, Company and Services


What are BeMyDD services?
BeMyDD offers three distinct services:

1) The Designated Driver Service: This service is designed for nights out, concerts, sporting events, etc. A BeMyDD client can reserve a Designated Driver in advance to drive the client in their vehicle for an hourly rate. There is a 3-hour minimum on all Designated Driver orders. This driver will wait in the client's vehicle while the client and his/her guests do as they wish. The driver will take home the client and/or the client's guests whenever they are ready.

2) The Pick Up You AND Your Car Service: This service is designed for people that have driven somewhere and need transportation to another location. A client may call 1-877-U-BEMYDD and have a team of two drivers come and take the client AND their vehicle to a destination of choice.

3) The Personal Driver service: This service is designed for clients seeking a driver to drive the client in their vehicle to meetings, appointments, the grocery store, etc. A BeMyDD client can reserve a driver to drive the client and their vehicle wherever they want to go at an hourly rate. The driver will wait in the client's vehicle and take them to another destination or their original location when ready.
How much do BeMyDD's services cost?
Click here to see how much you'll pay for BeMyDD's services in your area.
How do I reserve a Designated Driver?
Reserving a driver is very simple.

1) Enter your ZIP code
2) Choose the desired service
3) Choose the date and time
4) Choose a driver from the matching results


Reserve a driver by calling 1-877-U-BEMYDD
Where can I go with a Designated or Personal Driver?
You can go wherever you would like with your Designated or Personal Driver. The system is based on time, not destination. You can request to be driven any distance and have any amount of stops during your reservation.
In what cities does BeMyDD currently provide designated driving and personal driver services?
BeMyDD currently offers designated driving and personal driver services in Cleveland (Ohio), Chicago (Illinois), Washington D.C., Fort Meyers (Florida), Naples (Florida), West Palm Beach (Florida), Miami (Florida), Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Orlando (Florida), Tampa (Florida), Daytona Beach (Florida), Jacksonville (Florida), Indianapolis (Indiana), Louisville (Kentucky), Lexington (Kentucky), Boston (Massachusetts), St. Louis (Missouri), Las Vegas (Nevada), Charlotte (North Carolina), Cincinnati (Ohio), Columbus (Ohio), Dayton (Ohio), Toledo (Ohio), Youngstown (Ohio), Austin (Texas), Dallas (Texas), Houston (Texas), San Antonio (Texas), Virginia Beach (Virginia), Norfolk (Virginia), Charlotte (North Carolina), Phoenix (Arizona), San Diego (California), Los Angeles (California), Fresno (California), San Francisco (California), and Sacramento (California).
How does the BeMyDD designated driver service compare to a taxi service?
BeMyDD is often considered a taxi service because it is our job to drive passengers in a car where they want to go in exchange for money. The only difference between the BeMyDD taxi service and a traditional taxi service is that our drivers operate our customer's automobile or vehicle. BeMyDD is an alternative taxicab or taxi service because our customers hire our drivers to transport a single passenger or a small group of passengers between locations of their choice. We are not a traditional form of a taxicab service because we do not operate taxis that are hailed on streets. However, because the pick-up and drop-off locationsare determined by our customers, we can be considered a taxi service. Our private hire drivers are available for pre-booking only.
Does BeMyDD designated drivers provide chauffeur services?
BeMyDD provides personal chauffeurs and chauffeur services. Our chauffeurs drive passengers in large, luxurious autombiles provided by our customers. Our chauffeurs also transport passengers in large sedans or small buses provided by our customers. We will transport passengers to and from an airport, between train stations, to and from businesses, as well as back and forth from healthcare facilities to hospitals or doctor's offices. Our personal chauffeurs are employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, often luxury vehicles such as a large sedans or limousines. In the sense of the word "chauffeur", our drivers are personal servants of the vehicle owner and BeMyDD is often considered a specialist chauffeur service company. While we don't provide the vehicle for hire, we do provide individual drivers.
Does BeMyDD provide limousine services?
BeMyDD provides personal limousine driving services but we do not provide the limousines. Our limo drivers are hired to chauffeur passengers in luxury vehicle sedans, various large passenger vehicles, expensive and luxurious automobiles that sometimes have a partition separating the passenger compartment from the driver's seat, small buses, vans, liveried vehicles, limousines, or stretch limousines with a lengthened wheelbase.

The vehicles that our chauffeurs operate are owned by our customers, individuals, governments and businesses. While some of our customers are wealthy, we often provide limousine services for parties, weddings, funerals, birthday parties, anniversaries, a night on the town, graduations and other special events. Our limousine drivers are available for hire to transport business executives, celebrities, businessmen and other important groups and individuals to airports, business meetings and corporate events. While we don't provide the limousines, we do provide professional limo drivers for hire and limousine driving services.


How do I register as a participating establishment on BeMyDD.com?
Please click the "For Business" button on the top of the page, then click "Bars and Restaurants" or click here.
How do I reorder promotional supplies?
There is a "Supplies Request" tab In your BeMyDD.com profile where you can request more business cards or posters. Requests will be met as quickly as they can be processed.
How do I enter my specials?
In your BeMyDD.com profile there is a "Specials" tab where you can enter your specials. We will send your daily specials to our clients who will be going out in your area that date.